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JournAI Platform offers an IoT platform powered by AI and big data analytics technology that will help various freight forwarders, transportation companies, and businesses active in the cargo shipment industry in managing their cargo movements while they are in transit – at ports, yards, and warehouses. The platform will act as a passive RFID tool for these businesses and provide them with real-time data related to their cargo containers. the company’s exclusive mobile application/website, the users would be able to access information, including the real-time location of the cargo, real-time process status updates, status of the document formalities done and pending, correct ETA, billing data, etc.


Data from Different Sources on a Single Dashboard

Cargo Management Solution for Every Supply Chain Participant

Integrable with
Existing Legacy

Affordable Passive RFID Tool with Multiple


"Reduces Logistics Cost. Highly Recommended"

Fred Rodriquez


"Highly Innovative Technology for Cargo Shipping Industry"

Audrey Stevenson


"Best IoT Platform for Smart Cargo Management"

Bennett Miller

Business Owner

"It Streamlines All Our Cargo Shipping Operations"

Laura Ferguson


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