Our Team

Binshi Vellimoozhayil


He is an analytical and organized Finance Director with 30+ years in the finance and accounting field with exceptional knowledge in financial management, financial analysis, and reporting. He had worked as Senior Accountant, Group Accountant, Finance Manager, Controller (Finance and Cost) and Finance Director. As the Chief Executive Officer for JournAI Platform, Mr. Binshi hopes to utilize his prior experience to satisfy the short and long-term objectives of the company and capitalize on new business opportunities. His strong leadership skills and excellent organizational skills ensure the success of JournAI Platform in the Canadian Market.

Aamir Ahmed Mohamed Salih Abdelrahman


He is a talented and reliable engineer with 9+ years of experience in the field of electronic system engineering proficient in advanced telecommunication hardware management, data management, effective troubleshooting communication, advising, and supervising processes for clients. He had worked as Field Engineer and Technical Support Engineer. As the Chief Technology Officer of JournAI Platform, Mr. Aamir Ahmed will oversee the company’s technology department, evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure to enhance JournAI Platform’s technological performance metrics to maintain a competitive edge in the Canadian Market.

Ronald Thomas


He is a team-oriented and skilled Logistics Manager with 23 years of experience in the field of shipping & logistics. He had worked as Sales Manager, Director Sales & Marketing, General Manager and Managing Director. As Chief Operating Officer of JournAI Platform, Mr. Chandiram will leverage his technical and managerial experiences to oversee the day-to-day operational functions of JournAI Platform and ensure its success within the Canadian Market.

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